Passion defines well Transmission. I explore new photographers after estabishing contact, search for music you may not know, dust off great movies, pick flicks that move me, share my inspiration and expose my work. This is what Transmission is all about.

I truly hope you will appreciate the content.

Please browse among the few hundred articles already online:

BMX: 1987 – Nigel SylvesterAlbie BennettAlex Valentino – The DiggestAustralian Day Jam, Banned 4Battle Los Angeles – Joe SimonsCult x Vans, Daniel Dhers, Dan Lacey, Defgrip @ the Pink Motel, Drew Bezanson, Etnies GroundedFlat & Street Revolution,  Florent SoulasFlorent Soulas II, I Love My Bicycle, Kink in NZ, Matthias Dandois, Nike 6.0 Tunnel JamRide SessionsRike UK Hangover HouseRoot – Travis CollierS&M Appreciation Party, Simple Session, SoulardouzantSoulartisants, The DiggestThe Lost Bowl – Ruben AlcantaraSuperstar – Zvezda TourVANS Let it Ride – First EditVANS Let it Ride – Second EditVans Team EditsVincent Perraud + Welded,  …

CINEMA: 24h Party People, A Single Man, Anchorman, AnvilBatman – The Dark Knight RisesBronson, Buffalo 66,  ControlCrooklyn, Dog Pound, Easy Rider, Eye Trip, Flashbacks of a Fool, Gummo, It Might Get Loud, Napoleon Dynamite, The Hollywood Issue, Ski 360, Restrepo, Rubber, Under The Great White Northern Light, Talladega NightThe Bang Bang Club, Somers TownWRONG

DESIGN:  Creative BuckEdits QuarterlyHero – Miguel EndaraMade by HandSilence Television, Transmission Stickers

INTERVIEW: Fred MortagneJoshi DanielJulien LachausséeSebastien Durand,

MOTOR: Depth of SpeedDeus BaliEl MirageIt’s Better In The WindMachineModern Motor Cycle CompanyThe Great Escape – BlitzWrench Monkeys,

MUSIC: 2Many DJ’s, (500) Days of Wizzy, Alexander, Antony & The Johnsons, Arctic MonkeysBright Eyes – The White Stripes CoverChilly GonzalesChristopher Wallace – B.I.G.Cut Copy, Dave GrohlDie AntwoordEditors, EminemEtienne De Crecy – All RightJedi Mind TricksJustice – On’n’OnKitty Daisy & Lewis, La Femme Belge, Land of Talk, LCD Soundsytem, Lemmy, Miike SnowMy Top 10 Guitar Solos of All TimeNoah and the Whale, Part of the Weekend Never Dies, Paul KalkbrennerRittz – White Jesus, Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Live in France, The Killers, The Streets, The White StripesTiny Desk ConcertTotally Enormous Extinct DinosaursUnder The Covers Vol. 1 – SoulwaxWhy Hip-Hop Concert Rocks?Wild WolvesWild Beasts

MY GALLERIES: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11$1 or Free – Help Yourself, 35mm Film – Misc, BalanganBalangan 2, BaliBali’s Fishermen, BBQ Jam – Matt Lilly is the ManBelfocaBrooks SeatsBuickDomino SugarDubai StarEdward Sharpe & The Magnetic ZerosGuggenheimIntrepidJC Geraud x Insight II, JC x Boris x AlexKate Moss, Miami is a Weird CityNYC PatrolPinball, Old Cars in America, RedRockaway 90thSouth Korea, Summer, Super heroSurf Paradise, TheodoreTulumValerian NicolasWu LYF – NYC Live

PHOTOGRAPHY: Albert WatsonAlex Covo, Atiba Jefferson, Billy Kidd, Boogie, Brian BielmannBrian Nevins, California is a placeClement Satgé – Part IClement Satgé – Part IIDaniel Milnor, Dustin Humphrey I, Dustin Humphrey IIEd Sloane, Eric AntoineEric FreyEverybody StreetHannes Caspar, Hedi Slimane, Hengki Koentjoro, Henri Cartier Bresson – Interview, Hugh Holland, Ian Ruhter – Silver & Light, Iconic PhotosILOVETHATPHOTO.net, James ReynoldsJoni SternbachJosef Hoflehner I, Josef Hoflehner IIJulien Roubinet, Kevin Métallier, Laurent Nivalle, Leica Gallery, Leica Portrait – Joel Meyerowitz, Matt ClarkMatt KurvinMatthew O’BrienMitch DobrownerPablo BaquedanoPeter Lindbergh, Red Bull IllumeRichard Avedon, Roberto AlegriaRyan AllanSam AdamsSam O’HareScott SerfasSebastien Durand, Stephen MallonTCollaThe Lively Morgue, The Shot that Nearly Killed Me, The Photodiarist, Them ThangsTim MantoaniThomas HoepkerTomasz GudzowatyTod Seelie, Todd Glaser, Tony D’Orio, Transmission NYC, World Press Photos Winner

SKATEBOARD: 5BORO – Fall ’115BORO – JOIN, or DIE, Amine Taoussi, Bones Brigade, Boris I, Boris II, Boris III, Carhartt X 5BORO Tour 2011, Carlsbad High, Deathbowl to Downtown, dl skateboardsdl skateboards x †ransmissionDogtown – The Legend of the ZboysFred Mortagne, Fully FlaredGrant Taylor – Skater of The Year 2011Hermes, Jamie Thomas, JC Geraud x InsightKing Of The Road 2011King Of The Road 2011 – Part IIKing Of The Road 2011 – Part IIILa Cliché PromoPhantom Camera, Skate & Create, Skateboard Stories, Stay Gold B-sidesThe Death of Cool Brings it Back, The Strongest of the Strange, ValxrianZero Skateboards – Cold War

SNOWBOARD: IsensevenPowder & Rails Special, The Art Of Flight – World PremiereWhat goes up must come down

SURF: Afrika, Bali, Bluesnappers, Bra BoysCrushed in West OZ, Duct Tape en SalinasFiji Vignette 3/3Free as a DogJersey cuts – Irene was thereKelly Slater – 11th World ChampLandscape AlteredLost Atlas B-Side – Dusty PayneMavericks – February 2012Modern CollectiveNew York Surf Film Festival – Lost AtlasOnde NostrePhoto Of The Day – Surfer MagazineQuiksilver Pro FranceSalt + †ransmissionSi⁄x reasons to get – Year 0000 (Zero)Stacked, SURFER – The Hot 100, TCollaTeahupoo – Bigger Than Ever,The Critical Slide SocietyTeahupoo – PhantomThe Drifter, The WedgeTipping BarrelsThe Travel Beater ProjectTransworld Surf – ImaginariumTodd Glaser – Surf Photography, Vans – Get-N-ClassicVolcom Pipe ProWasted Youth – Wild and Wandering, Way of the Ocean, Year Zero, ..

VIDEO GAMES:  Emulation Collective!, Nintendo 8 bits!

INSPIRATION: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11#12#13#14#15#16#17,#18#19, #20, #21 , #22

FLICK: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10#11#12, Deadvlei’s Winter DreamI Believe I can Fly

LA PLANCHE A ROULETTE:  #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8

MORNING TUNE: #1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8#9#10#11#12#13, #14 ,#15

PLAYLIST: On Spotify, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #9, #11, #12#13

Wallpaper – Transmission

And more to come!

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