© Bastien Durand

Sebastien Durand – Interview!

For the first T interview, Sebastien Durand has answered a bunch of questions and selected some of his favorite pictures! Please visit his awesome portfolio here!

© Bastien Durand

Could you introduce yourself with the usual basics?

My name is Sebastien Durand, people call me Bastien, from Bayonne (South West of France), and spend half of the year in Anglet, Basque Country, and the other in Japan. I try to be in France as soon as August starts to catch the Autumn swells.

What is photography to you?

First and foremost, photography is a passion about frames, images, lights and colors. Time to time, I work together with different types of media specialized in the industry or more generalists.

How did you come to photography?

During my teen years, I spent most of my time with my brothers and my friends surfing the south of Landes (South West of France) beach-breaks. Wilder at that time, I dreamed about eternalize these perfect ephemeral waves… with my little savings I could eventually buy an old 35mm camera.

© Bastien Durand

What is your best surf spot?

My childhood spot in Landes that I share with friends. Indonesian line-ups are also perfect. I like Australia for slabs and Hawaii for its myth.

What is your most striking memory?

10 years ago, my brother and I went on a surf trip searching for lost waves off Sumatra in Indonesia for two months. The whole trip was perilous and so long. We rode from wild islands to wilder islands in so-called boat (looked more like raft) and got mind-blowing waves just for the two of us : it is every surfer’s dream !!!

© Bastien Durand

Are you a surfer, bodyboarder ?

I have been riding boogieboards for years and still ride them time to time when waves are clean and hollow. Otherwise, I like everything from bodysurfing to surf, longboard and stand-up paddle.

So, how do you choose, on good days, between ride and photography ?

It is hard to explain but I truly enjoy being in water as much as surfing. It is a great feeling to be at the heat of the session !

Being in the water is an easier choice vs. your 300mm ?

Yes as soon as the conditions in the water a good, I tend to favor aqua-shots. I am an ocean addict.

What are your influences, photographers, riders ?

I have too many in mind to get names out ! I am interested manly architecture, portraits and landscapes… In these fields many photographers bring their own ideas ! Thanks to internet, my daily inspiration is fueled.

© Bastien Durand

Do you have any plan in sight ?

I will be traveling this fall. In Europe, probably Corsica or Canary Islands, and if I am lucky enough, I will head to Namibia. I also have fews side-projects in photography but there is no rush ; slowly but surely !

© Bastien Durand

On the tech-side, what gear do you carry ?

I have always shot on Nikons. I currently use a D300s with lenses ranging from fisheye to 300 mm f/2.8. I might use a Canon 7d and 5d time to time with a 45 mm TS-E that I really like. I also carry a 40 years old Yashica still in mint conditions !

© Bastien Durand

Last one : your pictures look not or just slightly reworked. Post-production is not your thing ?

I am getting better and better with my settings on camera. But, a RAW file might still need a slight treat. Otherwise I will never rework a photo to an extreme point except few HDR for fun !

© Bastien Durand

© Bastien Durand

© Bastien Durand

Thanks to Bastien for his time, his passion and his pictures !

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